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   Voucher Maintenance

Voucher maintenance is a rather unique concept in printer and computer equipment maintenance. Historically, our industry has based maintenance cover on 'fixed term - fixed price' contracts, however these contracts are not always in the customer's best interest. After all, why pay (in advance) for maintenance on a machine that may not fail?

If your machine does not fail your voucher can be exchanged agains a full machine service, new equipment or consumables of your choice - for further information on voucher maintenance pricing, click here.

One call out - pay for one voucher

What equipment will be covered by the voucher? For just one voucher, you can rest assured that once our engineer arrives on site:

PCs & Networks
Printers & scanners
Fax machines
Photocopiers (analogue & digital)

will be attended to and fixed with 90 minutes - guaranteed. However, on the rare occasion where a problem has to be dealt with in our workshop, we will remove the machine from our site and install a replacement machine. All of this is done within 90 minutes and with minimum disruption to your office and productivity.

The Benefits of Voucher Maintenance

Flexibility - cover just one machine or all of your equipment
Guaranteed response time - anywhere in the UK
90 minutes on site service, £75 replacement parts and loan machine for repair duration
Fast, professional service from start to finish
Each voucher purchased is valid for a period of 18 months

For further information on pricing, please click here.

Remember, if any vouchers are left at the end of 12 months you may use them against any purchase of consumables or hardware. For more information on the voucher maintenance scheme, please call our hotline on 0870 243 0629 or e-mail us.

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Computer Offer

AMD Athlon XP 1800+
1.533GHz Processor
256Mb DDR Memory
80Gb Hard Disk Capacity
64Mb AGP Video Card
DVD Drive
6 USB Connections
3.5" Floppy Drive
On board sound & LAN
Keyboard & Mouse
(monitor not included)
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Total Fault Resolution
Ensure your company can rely on 8 hour total resolution on printer and network faults
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